young writers

This website is to help children my age (13 or older) to start off a book to start off a book is acutally really hard usually when i start off a book i dont think of an ending cause i slowly lost interest instead i think of the beginnig and just write away intill the end slowly comes. Also when i finish telling you a small amount of steps you get to enjoy my story yay

Let me give you an example on how you should start your story : Dear diary , today was the worst day ever as the smell of the oil painted halls give me a light headache i slowly came towards my locker and then... i ... i bumped into him the guy that was popular, was a jock,caught everybodys attention,had the cute smallest dimple on his left cheek,he had eyes just like the deep green forest but..... when i bumped into him i was invisible he looked at me as if he never met me before and walked away not even helping me with my scattered books all over the polished floor. but i was used to it being invisible but towards him ..... it was just unacceptable. i treasured our every small moment from small quick stares or glances to small talk and small smiles. and now he just ingored me and went off with his friends i cried really hard that night i figured out thet i was desperate......... sadly dont love me, cathy

maybe you will like your story to start off something like that with somebodys problem or idk anyway youll like it sorry if this wasnt helpful but gadly the rest of my website will be the story i just showed you in the example \'t showed you in the example i hope you like it!!!!!!!! (speak) watch this movie it will proably inspire you and help you with your story if i didnt : )

Dear diary, so i was expecting for him to come and apologize i dont know why we barely talked . i mean i am an out cast i enjoy writing storiers and rather go outside in the cold while some might stay inside the world is my comfort it beauty will reassure me i like to draw many pictures that have alot of meaning to it i take broken things and make art out of it that proably explains why i have an easy A in art but the thing is im drifferent im not like him or others.... which proably explains why we barely make small talk which proably also explain that he will never come over here and say sorry but he was staring at me in lunch longer than he usually deos i tingled inside as i stared at him back but i slowly loooked at away when (clyde) the popular girl in the school poured spoiled milk all over me i had rushed into the bathroom in tears. i wanted him so badly to come and reassure me but sadly my pride and hope was shoot down again... sadly!!!!

Dear diary, i guess i was wrong about not having courage or hope or whatever i said in my last diary entry well friday he came up and said sorry he said that he had a bad day that day and wouldve helped me pick up my books if he wasnt in a bad mood. He was with me that whole day every subject we had together i think i blushed the whole time i guess thers hope in me : )
love cathy

Dear diary ,during the weekened i just waited impatiently for monday to come i wanted to see him again but while i will sit there staring out the window day dreaming the peace will often be broken. I didnt get along well with my mom. Ever since dad died she havent done anything but slowly drag herself to death while drinking her life away. I had to take care of my lil sis (samatha) all by myself i will clean even help pay bills or get groceries with moms money. Life has been hard i dont even think mom knows that me and samatha even exist. Dad was always more importanat to her : (

Dear diary,Monday isnt what i wanted it to be clyde figured out that he was hanging out with me, shes such a jealous person. I can tell she likes him just by the way she stares at him!!! The whole day today she followed me into the bathroom..... pretty much every where i went she even had her friends hold my face down in a toliet as she took out a ciagrette on my back. The whole time i wish i was dead the feeling of the ciagrette had me thinking if hell will feel like that if it deos i hope clyde will burn in it :'(. But the worst part is he noticed these things and didnt say a dame thing. I guess his repitation ment th\e world to him.
p.s. i hate my life!!!!!

Dear diary, i didnt want to go to school next day not that mom will care she no longer care about my feelings....what my problems are...she deosnt even know what im going through. As usual she sits there and breath... sitting in front the tv ...drinking her life away. But i did something very stupid i went up to her and i tried to tell her that i didnt want to go to school... i even tryed to tell her why i didnt want to school but she just puffed so her bangs can get out her face and rolled her eyes " Get out my face you remind me of your father and i dont need you children running around messing with my nerves while im trying to sit back and relax." Those were the exact words she told me, i can feel my face turning red like a volcano getting ready to erupt but thats exactly what i did i erupted and regret what i said afterwards. I got up and checked on clyde who had seem to be listening to me and moms converstation the whole time. I can see her turning red her tears brushing her pink cheeks. I understand why she was crying she wasnt getting the love she needed. But what had me thinking that whole night that day was when she said " you children"what did she mean you children.... she made it sound like we werent her children like we were just children that she found stranded from the sidewalk or from foster care....and the way how her eyes did not move from the screen at all( her eyes narrowed,crevices showing on her forehead,her nails digging in the wooden chair showing wood underneath oil paint.) she seemed so furious but why.Well im 16 now so ima stay home and since it seems like my mom deosnt like me or care about me anymore i can pretty much do what i want!!!!!........ right????